We are a not for profit Centre here for all peoples in need of finding greater peace, health and happiness. Our main focus is to help everyone achieve their fullest potential through Pure Meditation;  find greater health and happiness with the natural holistic treatments we offer, and to enjoy wonderful retreats that help you to rest, re-balance and re-connect with more love, inner wisdom and joy ( please see our 'Services" page).


   We also teach various courses that give you a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of yourself and life; helping you find greater meaning and joy from all that life brings your way.


   Our regular SevaLight Hatha Yoga classes running throughout most of the year, either in-person or via Zoom teach the true essence of yoga and are perfect for all abilities.

   We are an Affiliate Centre of the worldwide Self Realization Sevalight Centres (please see www.sevalight.org for free Talk and music downloads).
















Here are a few examples of our retreats;




   These beautiful guided retreats are held mainly in the silence to focus on the spiritual depth of Christmas and Easter. They include special Meditations, inspirational talks, and prayer, with ample time for contemplation, fresh-air and walks. We come together for family meals, served buffet-style.




   For those who wish to start the New Year in a meaningful way with like minded souls, celebrating  with a spiritual focus all the wonderful opportunities that each new year brings. We have been offering these retreats for 20 years in Canada.

   A time for sharing thoughts and hopes for the future. Singing and Spiritual Chants; Guided Walk, Group Meditations and Family Meals



   Led by Mark or Alexandria Nunn, who have been facilitating Retreats in Canada for 20 years, these beautiful retreats are an ideal opportunity to embrace the silence. Time for spiritual renewal, to re-focus, contemplate and find inner peace. They include group Meditations and healthy buffet-style family meals.




   Your own program to give you what you need, arranged with the help of our professional healers.Call or e.mail us for more information on how we can tailor-make a Retreat that is just right for you.



   A day to nurture your Spirit ~ come and learn to calm the mind, relax the body and energise your whole being with Hatha Yoga; Relaxation and Visualization; Meditation and Quiet time.




   A gentle flowing day that restores harmony to the mind, flexibility, strength and stamina to the body. Hatha Yoga purifies, releases stress and tension. uplifts mood and improves breathing and posture. Breathwork, Relaxation techniques, Visualization are also included



















We also offer 1 day and ½ day Retreats on Personal and Professional Development

Other Courses/Retreats Available

1 day Courses include:

How to Communicate Effectively

How to Make Meaningful Relationships

Living with and Embracing Change

2 day Courses:

Energy Care and Well-Being

How to be Creative – Understanding the Energies of Colour

How to Spiritualise your Relationships – and make them more fulfilling

Living Intuitively

Spiritual Knowledge and Philosophy

other Retreats Offered:

Transformational Healing Retreat –~ 2-3 days

Spiritual Growth Retreat ~ 1-2 day

Autumn Forest
Ocean Rocks